Sunday, October 11, 2015

[wwe]Ideal PPV schedule for today's WWE.

As we all know WWE likes to keep fiddling with its PPV schedule often.In the recent years they have kept the number of PPVs a year to around 12 or 13.But these has resulted in some stagnant B-grade at best PPVs which are not "Best for buissness".Thus as a fan I decided to work out my own schedule as to what the WWE PPV schedule should like.

1.Royal Rumble 

The Royal Rumble PPV as always should be the first PPV of the year and should kick start "Road to Wrestlemania".Of course it should take place on the last sunday of January.

2.No way out

So,the second PPV should be NO WAY OUT and not only should it feature a Elimination Chamber match but also Other matches in which wrestlers are stuck in the ring like Steel cage, Lumberjack, Inferno, Punjabi prison match etc.It should take place on last sunday of february.


The annual extraveganza of WWE wrestlemania as always should be 3rd PPV of the year and should take place at end of March or start of April.

4.Extreme Rules

The one night of the year that WWE goes extreme should follow Wrestlemania.This PPV should feature matches like Falls counts anywhere,First blood,Last man Standing,Street fights etc. and even Hell in a cell if required.Should take place in April.

5.Cyber Sunday

Here most of the matches and/or stipulations should be left upon to be decided by WWE universe.
They can use WWE app for this purpose.The choices could be put on the app after 1 or 2 weeks of Extreme rules and the voting time should extend upto the pre-show of the PPV,where the results are declared and then matches are contested accordingly.Should take place in May.

6.Money In the Bank

As usual Money In the Bank should keep its July spot.Moreover to make the PPV more based on Money In the Bank match,some matches should be contested at start of PPV to gain spots in Money In the Bank match,which would be  closing the show.

7.Night of Champions

In this PPV all the matches should be title matches.Moreover,to make the matters interesting the PPV could be renamed to Disdain of Champions or something along that line and every match should be made a multi-man match like triple threat or fatal four way or championship scramble match etc. so that the champion is at a disadvantage.


The August spot should be kept by the biggest party of summer - "Summerslam".

9.King of the Ring

The King of the ring tournament should make its annual appearance during september.The PPV should feature the semis and Finale of the tournament along with couple of other matches whereas the preliminary rounds should be held during the build up to the PPV on RAW and SmackDown.The Final match of the tournament followed by the corronation of new king should close the show.

10.Breaking Point

This PPV should feature the matches in which the only way to win is by making your opponent to submit like "I Quit" match , Submission match or matches where you cant submit at all like "no surrender" match etc.

11.Survivor Series

One of the old 4 PPVs of WWE,Survivor series should keep its November spot and also its trademark match to close out the show.

Tables,Ladders and Chairs , Need I say more??.The year should cap off with one of the most brutal and succesful PPV of PG era in December.

So,what do you think about my PPV schedule.Would you like to see some other PPVs instead?
Please mention in the comments section below.

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