Monday, October 12, 2015

[wwe]How to Book John Cena's loss of US title.

As we know John Cena is taking a much deserved break after WWE Hell in a Cell for the better part of the remaining year, the inevitable question is how, when and to whom John Cena should drop the US championship belt?

As much as I would like to see WWE finally giving Cody Rhodes his due(the guy has been the most under utilized performer for quite some time) and making him the US champ, I can’t see Cody dropping his current Stardust persona in the near future.

Another option is Dolph Ziggler. As much as I would love to see Ziggler v Cena, I don’t think he would bring anything fresh to the table because his babyface character is as similar to John Cena’s as it can get.

Some may suggest Cesaro but the current booking of Cesaro does not do him any favours.

So, my pick would be someone

like Tyler Breeze OR Samoa Joe. While Tyler Breeze would bring the new heel dynamic to the picture Joe would bring his huge fan following and his no nonsense attitude.

As for when, I would go with John Cena losing the title in the penultimate RAW before Hell in a Cell to the US open challenge acceptor who may be Breeze or Joe. This should be followed by Cena asking for a rematch at Hell in a Cell and loosing that also.

And now to answer how-I will two differently for Breeze and Joe.

In Breeze’s case , for the US open challenge match, I would book the match for RAW main event in which he wins after referee gets distracted by The New Day and hitting John Cena with his selfie – stick. In the Hell in a Cell match I would book him to lose the match by disqualification when he puts John Cena through the announcer’s table and hit him with the monitor. Following the disqualification, I would have him repeatedly hit John Cena with the US title belt and injure him for good.

In Joe’s case, Once again I would book the US open challenge as main event, which Joe would win after a 20 minute long hard fought match by a fluke roll-up after Cena is distracted by The New Day . For the Hell in a Cell, I would let Joe beat Cena clean. But as soon as the match ends The New Day comes to the ring full of rage after losing the Tag titles earlier in the night and destroy both Cena and Joe . Especially hurting Cena with one attack after another.

This way Cena would be written of the story-line and a heel would get that extra boost of taking Cena out. Also this would mean that whenever John Cena returns, he would have a story already in place.

So what do you guys think?Is there any other even better way for Cena to drop the title?Comment.

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