Monday, October 12, 2015

Whatsapp in PC - ditch whatsapp PC client like bluestacks by using this method

There is no longer need for emulators in order to use WhatsApp on your PC. This application depends on your phone in order for it to work effectively. In this line, there are some limitations that have seen Apple’s iOS users fall out of this update with what WhatsApp notes as platform limitations from Apple.
Furthermore, this application will only work with Google Chrome web browser, a move that WhatsApp claims is based on the fact that this web browser has the best push notifications system. Using your Chrome browser, go to
the page at and then open WhatsApp on your phone. On the menu, you’ll see WhatsApp Web, select to open it and start the QR code scanner. Using your phone’s camera, point it to your PC screen’s QR code and as soon as your phone reads the code, all your contacts, conversations and other information will be synced between your phone and computer.

WhatsApp Web brings added advantages to the users, for instance, ability to use a real keyboard when typing a message in WhatsApp. However, nothing much changes as the app features a similar interface like that on your phone, but only on a larger scale.
WhatsApp Web will let you do almost all the things you do on your phone except for a few which include blocking contacts, creating or leaving groups, changing your profile photo, among others. These limitations can be attributed to the fact that WhatsApp Web is a new application, thus, we should expect more advanced capabilities from this web client in the near future, including inclusion of other OSs and web browsers that are not currently supported by the platform.

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