Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[QUORA]Why we should live even if no one cares about us?

These days I'm also going through a similar phase in my life. My circumstances are worse to an extent that even if I die today nobody will care. My death won't matter to even a single person in this entire universe. To the people I know my death will be like just another event.

So what if nobody cares. Should you stop living just for the fact that nobody cares?

The answer is "No" you should not stop living your life for any reason in this world.

Now lets come to why?
Just for these simple reasons:

  • You and only you know your potential. You know what you can do. So why not just give it a try? What worse can happen? You will fail. But the probability of failing is 1/2 and equivalent is the probability of success. So why not think about it other way round and give it a try. The best thing is even if fail you won't have to answer it to anyone.

  • Your life is worthy to you.  And the moment you will realize your self-worth will be the life changing moment for you.  Please understand the fact that you are valuable to yourself. If not to others.
    • The good thing about your condition is you have all the time just for yourself. You don't have any meetings to attend, no promises to keep and no commitments to anyone. All theese activities are completely useless and are a waste of our personal time and energy. And to the top of it these things occupy a space in our brain and prevent it from functioning to its full efficiency. To some people these are the reasons for their stress. So you are lucky in this case.
  • Sometimes the best thing people can do to you is to just leave you alone. Trust me if you know how to be happy all alone in your own company you will be the happiest person on this mother earth. This is the best time to explore yourself.

  • If you have a hobby, give time to it everyday. And see if you canmake a career out of it or not.

  • Live for others. Yes thats the best thing you can do and it will make you much more happy than anything else in this world. Seeing someone smiling and if the reason behind that smile is you then this is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

  • Strive hard to achieve something so worthwhile that you become an important asset to society and nation.
  • One of the most important thing is start to take care of your health and the rest of the things will fall into place on their own.

2.    Don't deactivate your facebook account but delete it permanently right now. With that click on confirm delete button on facebook also delete all those morons from your life who intentionally made you feel bad about yourself. Do this  without asking yourself for any confirmation.

Lastly I would like end my answer with these two quotes

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects"

          -Albert Einstein

"If you can't be happy alone then you are doomed for the rest of your life"

           - Roman Saini

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