Sunday, October 11, 2015

Get unlimited lives in Candy Crush for FREE!!

All of us like to play games in our Android mobiles and one of the most popular android games is Candy Crush Saga. The only other problem with this game apart from being extremely addictive is the limited number of lives in it.We get only 5 lives at a time which seem to be very less as the difficulty level increases.

Being desperate for more lives ASAP ,we decide to send random requests to mostly random facebook friends.
But, No more !!!
With the following trick you can instantly get full set of 5 lives instantly and as many times as you want to.So,effectively you have unlimited candy crush lives.

The trick goes as follows-
Step 1 – Without closing (Just minimize the app) the Candy Crush game window , go to your device settings.

Step 2 – Now just change the day of your device to 1 day ahead of current date.
Step 3 – Now reopen the minimized Candy Crush window . You will notice that you have full set of lives.

Note-Don't forget to change the changed date to original date once you have confirmed your full set of lives.

Enjoy your free candy crush lives and comment if you get stuck somewhere.We are always happy to help.

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