Saturday, October 10, 2015

How to prepare for JEE - books to reffer

Every year lakhs of students appear for JEE , out of which only talented (and lucky) few make it to IITs and/or NITs. Despite torturing themselves for 2 or more years with studies day in and day out many gain virtually nothing. In this series of posts I will try to break down the smartest and most efficient way to prepare for JEE main as well as advanced. 

So, in this first post lets discuss whick books you should follow per subject for maximium benefits.

Books to refer-

As you all know NCERT is the most important of all the books available in the market. Not only would it help you in getting thorough with concepts but scoring good marks in your 12th boards(especially if your board follows NCERT books).
Moreover, NCERT in itself is enough to get around 90% score in JEE main Chemistry i.e over 100 marks out of 120. Also the maths NCERT book is pretty good and should be solved first after going through any chapter.
Apart from that it goes without saying that your notes are most important material for your preparation especially during revision period.
                                                                     PHYSICS –
When you are reading any chapter for first time just go through NCERT and HC Verma of that chapter. When you are going through NCERT don’t leave anything untouched for example read all the brown boxes, blue boxes, in text questions etc. When you start solving problems related to that topic start with HCV and follow up with study material provided by your coaching institute. If you still have time go for DC pandey. While revision try to solve problems from DC pandey and grasp tricks/tips and shortcuts given in the book.

                                                                       CHEMISTRY –
For Organic chemistry “solomons” is best during preparation period along with NCERT where as arihant is good for revision. For problem solving it would be best to depend on your study material along with MS Chauhan.
For Inorganic depend completely on NCERT,your notes and one of the reference books(like Balaji etc.).
For physical chemistry Arihant along with your notes and study material should be sufficient for reading as well as problem solving.

For mathematics I think you should follow arihant publication books.For example, S.K goyal for Algebra, similarly their publication for calculus etc.Don’t try to solve every single problem in these books but try to solve a few of every model present.

Keep preparing and if you have any doubts just comment.

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