Tuesday, July 15, 2014

trace lost android phone without software

 Usually we carry more than one Smartphones with us....So have you ever imagined what You’d do if one amongst those devices went missing,,, what with all the sensitive information contained on them??
Google introduced the Android Device Manager (ADM) last year to assist users find lost devices, and thus helping them alot. Not solely can ADM show you the situation of a wayward device, it'll additionally allow you to erase the information on the device if you think the hardware has been taken.
ADM is very simple to line up, therefore you have got no excuse not to use it.
Getting started
The Android Device Manager can keep track of any phone or pill you’ve coupled to your Google account. It’s compatible with any device running Android 2.2 or later, and it works even though you don’t have location history turned on.
When you initial get your phone, head over to the Android Device Manager page to make sure that Lock and Erase area unit enabled. Google can send over a check message to your device to make sure that it works. faucet “Activate” to alter
the remote wiping options.
*Find your device::-
In the future, if and once your phone will go missing, just head to the ADM website. From here, you'll be able to choose any
of the Android devices you have got coupled to your Google account.
•If you think that the device could be buried below a pile of couch cushions, choose Ring and therefore the device can blare its ringtone for concerning 5 minutes. after you notice it, press the power button to prevent it.
•If you think that you left your hardware during a taxi cab on the way home from last night’s escapades, you’ll need to lock
it up to stay prying eyes from accessing your precious data. choose Lock and ADM can raise you to make a replacement lock screen word. there'll even be associate degree choice to write a Recovery message which will seem over your lock screen. this is often your chance to A message to the
person who could have found your phone.
•If you think that your phone would possibly very be within the wrong hands, or that it’s long gone and you may ne'er see it again, you'll be able to erase all of its information with Erase. Use the app to seek out a tool.
•If you’re lucky enough to own a second Android device in your possession, transfer the Android Device Manager app from Google Play to urge access to all or any the same options out there on-line. If you’re bored, waiting in a doctor’s workplace or one thing, you'll be able to additionally use the app to one by one rename every of your devices.
But the point worth noting is that ADM won’t work with devices which are offline  or have aeroplane mode swithed on, therefore if a felon puts your device in Airplane Mode or the battery dies out, you’re out of luck.

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