Thursday, July 10, 2014

How to Maintain Your PC’s Excellent Performance

computer performance
Those of us who work online tend to buy a new PC every 5 years or so because the old one conks out or because we simply want to upgrade our computer. A new PC is quite delightful to use. Everything loads with just one click, and it functions as it should. However, after a few months of using your new PC, you notice that it takes forever to load the software that you need for work; and that can be quite annoying.

What Gives?
First, the most common culprit is hidden in your computer. Spyware and software are the usual suspects. They creep into your computer without your knowledge via files downloaded from the Internet. When this happens, these unwanted pieces of code manipulate your files and programs; they even go so far as stealing your personal information. Be very careful with these types of programs – they work in the background, changing your settings and giving you problems without your permission or knowledge. The good news is that there is a way to avoid this.
Here are a few tips to avoid downloading viruses and spyware into your computer:
  1. Avoid downloading software or programs from companies or groups that you do not know and trust.
  2. Never download attachments from people you do not know. You should be wary, even if those emails come from your friends because they may have fallen victim to the malware too.
  3. Download attachments that you are expecting from emails that you have verified with your friends. When your friends say they did not send any email with attachments, then that should set off an alarm inside your head.
  4. Do not download stuff that are offered for free. This includes emoticons, screensavers, movies and music files that come from shady sources.
  5. Keep your anti-virus software updated, and run it regularly. This should take care of your virus and spyware problems, as your anti-virus program eliminates almost all threats. Keep it on at all times and schedule a time for your anti-virus to run on a daily or weekly basis.
Your anti-virus software can take care of the damage; but when it comes to viruses and spyware, prevention is still better than the cure. There are times when you don’t notice the virus and, if left undetected, it might wreak havoc, causing your PC to crash and obliterating all of your files. This is why you should be cautious when going online. Choose your anti-virus program the way you would choose your VoIP provider – with careful thought and much deliberation.
How to Maintain Your PC’s Performance
Aside from being careful and using the best anti-virus software, there are many ways for you to maintain your PC so that it is always at its peak. First, choose your software wisely. Before you download any program, be sure that you know what it’s for and where it came from, and check whether there are bundled freebies such as screensavers. If that program includes screensavers and changes your search engine settings upon installation, then it most likely has a virus too. Avoid these applications like the plague.
In order to keep your PC running like it’s still new, there are other steps that you can take. First is to check for malware using your anti-virus and spyware program. The next step is to carefully review the results of your test and take note of the programs that caused your PC to malfunction in the first place so you can remove them from your PC. There are more ways to ensure that your PC is in tip-top shape so you can maximize your PC’s performance t

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