Friday, July 27, 2012

ALSEDI Pinger : Increase 2G Internet Speed in PC

ALSEDI Pinger is the most common name among all VPN lovers and users. But we can use ALSEDI Pinger to increase 2G internet speed in PC by applying a small trick. I have tested the speed before and after trying ALSEDI Pinger. ALSEDI Pinger is commonly used to get rid of disconnection problem in VPN tools. Actually I was surprised to see my 2G internar connection speed has increased tremendously after trying this trick. If you have any VPN files, you can find a ALSEDI Pinger in the data section. Else don’t worry. I put the direct download link to get the ALSEDI Pinger for free to boost your Internet connection speed in PC.
Download ALSEDI Pinger from the below link and install as Administrator.
Now open ALSEDI Pinger and follow the below steps as exactly to increase your 2g speed.
  • Set Ping Timeout to 5 and ping delay to 1. Also set the other bars as shown in the picture.

  • Open the tunnel and put port as 9201.

You have now done all the steps successfully and get ready to see the magic. See my IDM screenshot to know the maximum speed on 2g connections.

I have used Airtel as my proider and you can use Idea or Vodafone to avail higher speed than this. Also share your tips, feed backs and suggestions to make this tut more informative.

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