Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mobile torrent handler for free GPRS download

Hey Users,

Today we are bringing you Mobile Torrent Application Released by . We have Released this application with Handler UI Mod. This Mobile Torrent application will run on all java supported mobile phones and also on Android smartphones. This Mobile Torrent software will also run in low memory phones. With the help of Handler menu you can get free downloading of torrents. Check our navigation bar for network tricks

Features of Mobile Torrent Application

  • Supports Java Phones
  • High Speed Peering
  • Runs on Low Memory phones
  • Simple GUI

Features of Mobile Torrent Handler Edition

  • Front Query Setup
  • Middle Query Setup
  • Back Query Setup
  • Filter for filtering unwanted text from url
  • Property to add port to non port url
  • Property to remove port from port url
  • Proxy Server Setup
  • Host Server Setup
  • Real Host Server Setup
  • Download App from here:




ankit said...

U hv also sent a post related to this on 15 may.

Which one i should use??

M on galaxy S2.

ankit said...

Link is nt working buddy.

Anonymous said...

Its working. Thank you so muck!! :)

Blogger said...

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