Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to: Save All Tabs When Closing Firefox

How to Save All Tabs When Closing Firefox ?
Hi all users, I know this is very simple trick, but it is very worthy. Well I don't know if you noticed or not that previous versions of Firefox e.g. Firefox 3 have great option to save all tabs before closing Firefox, and it is very helpful in the case of power failure, BSOD, automatic reboot etc  But Firefox 4 - 12 beta have no option to save all tabs before closing it, means this function is disabled in it's newer versions, but you need not to worry because you can enable it easily by using this simple trick :D So lets get started.

Follow The Steps Below to Enable This Function.

1. In address bar, type
2. Now click on "i'll be careful, i promise!" button.
3. Then in search box type 

4. Now double click on that option to change it's value from false to true.

5. Close about:config tab and now you can save all closing tabs.

Note:- It will not work if more than one firefox window opens.

You can also bookmark all open tabs by pressing Ctrl+Shift+d. Now in new message box click "Add Bookmarks" button.

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