Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cut Internet Offline : NetCut review

Cut Internet Offline
Hi all users, today we want to show you another cool stuff which allows you to cut internet access to any device connected to a local network as long as it is hardwired. I.E xbox, ps3, computers, etc. And when it cuts the one's connection , it automatically increases bandwidth of your connection which will let you work more easily and fastly. If you are in your school's computer lab or in home , this software will always help you in your work .
How to use Netcut ?

1. First of all download net cut.

2. Then extract the software and install it.

3. Now double click on netcut icon on your desktop and a window will pop-out showing you connected routers.

4. Just toggle to the computer which you want to cut off.

Try this at your school and have fun.

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