Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earn $5 per sign up{tested by our team}

Hi friends rtoday i bring a fantastic online earning trick.Actuall this trick is post by my friend George Mathew,Visit his Facebook Profile George Mathew .This post is written by him and all article credit goes to him.Ok so now you can make money with working make money online tip and this is glamorous this time. If you guys take it seriously and sign up and show a large participation I might even consider ditching fileice and just using this method. But don't expect to see a site which talks to you in numbers and figures like sharecash, amulyam, cashcrate, minuteworkers etc. This site is beyond your expectations as when you open the page you'll get a dating site like friendfinder. They pay you when someone signs up through your referral link. Its a kind of affiliate programme. And This is very easy. You require just 5 minutes and registering is what it takes to earn money in tons. You get $5=rs 250 per registration. 
Please follow the steps below to get on your way to earning big money!

1. Go here: But before that I want to tell you that if you're on mobile please use opera mini to browse this link like opera mini version 5. Don't open this link in ucweb as it will show nothing but a blank page. Here are the links to. Use some fileviewer to extract the zip file.
And then use the below Sign up link to pave your way to riches. If you're on mobileyou'll be led to page which asks your mail id. Please put your true mail id exactly here.

2. Register as a 30-60 year old male from the USA (Free Registration!! - Use US VPN). But I don't think its that necessary. I registered on mobile using opera mini(never use ucweb) but selected the country as usa and provided the birth date as 15/1/1970.

3. Once logged in, click on Home (Upper Left)

 4. Scroll Down and Click on Affiliates Partners.

5. Sign up for $5 Per Lead Program

6. Once registered, find Advertising Tools on the left side

7. In the advertising tools section, you'll find Direct Links

8. Shorten this link and spread it all over the internet! If you shorten you'll get
paid by both and this site but i have not done it. You get $5 per registration via your link.

9. ???


How they pay us ?

Payment Method : PayPal, Bank Wire,Web money, Cheque (US) , They Pay you when you your Balance Reach 50$ (10 Sign Ups = 50$ )
We Get 5$ for Every free Registeration?
Yeah you will get 5$ for every Registration (NOTE : 30-60 yrs Old male from USA)

Iam from India , Can i still Earn?Yeah , Just Register with US VPN Update your PayPal ID
By following this ,you guys can earn Tons of money Daily.
How much do I make?

Since I have a blog my daily earnings are a mindblowing $50 to $80. I also post the links in forums and yahoo answers to get us traffic. Anyway its easy to earn from this site. Any doubts please comment below. To make you believe the truth I have posted the earnings screenshots.

don't hesitate to ask me if you are in any doubts.


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