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7 Killer Tips To Boost Adsense CPC

Adsense is one among the largest revenue product of Google,which is responsible to send and receive million dollars a year. It has been reported that more than 28k $ payments are  issuing with adsense daily. So if you are a webmaster you might have known the importance of using adsense in your niche. Every webmasters dream about getting a handsome income through adsense. But most of the times,newbie bloggers are disappointed for having low CPC.

*. All about Google Adesnse(easy way to make money online)
So what is CPC? CPC or Cost Per Click is the crucial factor which decides your keyword potential and earnings. No matter you get hundreds of ad clicks per day if your CPC is very  low like 0.01$. So in order to boost your adsense income you must know about how to increase adsense CPC.
We can’t disclose the tips to a center core. It depends many factors including your website/blog design. you may wonder how valuable your theme design when it comes to CTR.
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Here is the most wanted 7 killer tips to push your adsense CPC

  • Ad size

This may seem funny but you believe it or not ad formats play an important role in case of CPC. The cost per click highly depends upon which ad format you choose. Check out the main ad formats that is available. look at the CTR with respect to the dimensions.
Format             CTR
336 x 280         7.46%
300 x 250         5.58%
728 x 90            3.16%
120 x 240          2.99%
160 x 600          2.44%
120 x 600          1.33%
468 x 60            0.53%
It’s clear that the highest paying ad format is the large rectangle in the dimension of 336*280.
So choosing large rectangles as your ad will definitely super charge your CTR and thus CPC.
  • Where to place this “large” rectangle (Ad placement)
According to adsense official blog,the most appropriate place to insert this large dimension ad is below post title
You can see where it’s located in TricksMash from this screenshot

The second place where you get the highest CPC is the right sidebar column. So also have a try. Take most of the pro webmasters. They have used these two kinds of placements for better results.
  • Choose high paying advertisers
In google adsense dashboard you can easily block specific ads from particular advertisers. some of them may be paying very low in adword campaign. So blocking those irrelevant ads may bring you the top paying ads.
  • How To identify low CPC/CTR advertisers
The selection has never been easy until the arrival of some keyword tools. the most dominating keyword tool is ofcourse google adwords keyword tool.
Try google adword keyword tool
Another effective tool to find the pity advertisers is “Keywordspy”
Click To Check The tool
  • Display At least 2 ad blocks
Though adsense allow up to 3 ad blocks to display in each page,we must put effort to show atleast 2 ads per page. But we discourage you to display maximum number of ads becaue it may lower your CTR.
  • Display relevant ads only
It’s a preconceived notion that almost all ad units play equal amount. This is not true in case of adsense. The fluctuation in CPC is extremely high in various ad formats. So find relevant keyword in your niche and give importance to the specific keyword.
*.Top 20 Highest Paying Keywords in Google Adsense
Also find here how to use selection targeting for particular ads.
  • Keep Experimenting
This is the last but not the east tip. the tips that I mentioned here will work for for you at least 70%. Since every blogs and niches are different,some of these points may won’t work for you. So start experimenting with your own ad blocks and find which tips works for you.
Please let me know if you have any other tips or how can I improve my small article with some more stuffs. Don’t forget to drop your experimental  tips with us.



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