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Clixsense Review: make real money

Clixsense Review: make real money

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Company Details

Program Name: Clixsense
Creators: n/a
URL Address:
Price: free or $10 annually

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

Clixsense is a make-money-online program that allows you to earn income from simply browsing and clicking on advertisements of different sponsoring companies. The earnings are minimal with most paying out 1 or 2 cents a click, but some pay out as much as $5 an ad. Indeed those $5 opportunities are rare, but over time with consistency, those cents per click could add up to a few extra bucks each month. It may be a little time consuming because in order to get credit for viewing an ad, you have to at least be on the ad for 30 seconds. Clixsense reviews all the different ways to get paid on the site too.
There have been many other programs out there that operate just like Clixsense but for the most part the strategy of bringing consumers to advertisers in this method has brought out many complaints and negative feedback because of companies not paying out like they promised. But overall, Clixsense seems to have a better reputation and a solid compensation pay-out system. You can cash out after just $10 and they pay you each month.

Quick Summary

It’s free to join Clixsense, but you are going to be limited to the amount of ads you can view each day. It’s better to upgrade your membership to just $10 a year, and that way you’ll be able to view more ads and make more money. You can also recruit other people into the business and get paid 10% of total volume earnings from your recruits.
  • Make extra cash
  • Extremely easy
  • Affiliate program available
  • Free
  • Time-consuming
  • Small earnings
  • Frustrating
  • Better options out there
  • Not going to get rich

Can this be considered a Clixsense scam?

Programs like these have gotten a pretty bad wrap, but Clixsense definitely does not look like a scam. Are you going to get rich off this program? No. Are you likely to build a huge business off this program? Probably not. It’s mainly just something to do in your spare time.

Final Thoughts

After creating this Clixsense review, it’s easy to conclude that this program would be good if you’re just looking to make a few dollars each month. One downside is it is very time-consuming for the amount of money you’re going to make since really you’re only going to get paid cents for viewing the ads. It’s not the greatest business structure in the world, but then again there is no perfect business system out there. If you’re looking to make big money, then Clixsense might not be the best way. You might want to try out a business opportunity that’s going to provide honest, legitimate full-on training and education combined with a profitable business system.


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