Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Airtel 10GB users not getting 3G speed

Hi friends,There are many users here who have 10GB pack activated on their numbers due to bug in Airtel system but not getting 3G speed.


Here is a 100% working solution for them:

If the speed is capped to 80Kbps do the following steps.

1. Activate Rs.5 2G pack by dialing *222*5#. The pack will be activated and Rs.5 will be deducted. You will get 50MB till 12 midnight.

2. As the pack expires by 12 midnight, you will be able to surf all the remaining data in *123*11# account at 3G speed after that. 

Tested by me yesterday on my friend's SIM in Haryana. His speed was capped to 80Kbps (MDMA showing Negotiated QoS at 80) and we activated Rs.5 2G pack. As the pack expired at 12 midnight, it now showing 7232 Kbps and he is getting 3G speed.

So those not getting 3G speed try it and yes activating by dialing *222*5# won't give any error like more than 50MB left in your account or blah blah blah.   

I have tested the same in past too. Those users who have only 2G pack activated say Rs.98 1GB or Rs.148 2GB can also do the same i.e activate Rs.5 pack by *222*5# and they will get 3G speed in 2G pack. 

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