Monday, December 26, 2011

How to access Gmail offline

Once you install the Gmail offline application you will be able to access the mails in your inbox, can send replies to your mails, search and archive your mails and when you are connected to internet all the changes you made will be synchronized.

How to Access Gmail Offline

1.      Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the new Offline Gmail app.
2.       Once installed, open a new tab and launch the app.
3.       You’ll be asked to allow offline mail storage. When you give approve, your inbox data will be stored on the computer you’re using. So take extreme care not to install this app on a public computer.
If you want to delete your offline inbox from the computer you installed, then type in the address bar,chrome://settings/cookies and press Enter. Then, search for “” Hover over all the search results and click the “X” to delete them. Remember that uninstalling the Chrome app alone will not remove offline data.
This extension works extremely fast without letting you know about the synchronization process. Unfortunately this feature works only for Chrome. We can hope that Google will roll out the offline feature for Firefox and other major browsers soon.

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