You may be using Google search many times a day to locate something on the web. Learning how to use Google search effectively can boost your productivity instantly.

In this article I will review 15 awesome Google search features that will improve your search experience.

1. Weather Weather-Icon

To see the weather of any place, just type “weather” followed by the city, state and country.
e.g. “weather Bangalore Karnataka India”.

2. Stock Quotes Stock-Quotes

To see current market data for a given company or fund, just type in the ticker symbol.
e.g.  “CSCO”.

3. Time Time-Clock

To see the time of any place around the world, just type in “time” and the name of the city.
e.g. “time Mysore Karnataka India”.

4. Sports Scores Sports-Scores

To see scores and schedules for sports teams type the “team name” or “league name” into the search box. This is enabled for many leagues including the National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball.
e.g. “San Francisco 49ers”.

5. Sunrise & Sunset Sunrise

To see the precise times of sunrises and sunsets of any place, just type “sunrise” or “sunset” followed by the city, state and country.
e.g. “sunrise Mangalore Karnataka India”.

6. Books Books

If you’re looking for results from Google Book Search, you can enter the name of the author or book title into the search box. Then, click on “Books” from the left-hand navigation to view book content.
e.g. “Henry Wadsworth Longfellow”.
You can directly go to “

7. Unit Conversion Unit-Conversion

You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and Google will do the rest.
e.g. “10.5 cm in inches”.

8. Public Data Public-Data

To see trends for population and unemployment rates of any state and (or) country, just type in “population” or “unemployment rate” followed by a state or county. You can click through to a page that lets you compare different locations.
e.g. “population FL”.

9. People Profiles Public-Profiles

If you’re looking for someone you just met or a long-lost friend, enter the name of that person plus some identifying words about him or her to see a list of people with that name.
e.g. “Michael Pinto”.

10. Spell Check Spell-Check

Google’s spell checking software automatically checks whether your query uses the most common spelling of a given word. If it thinks you’re likely to generate better results with an alternative spelling.
It will ask “Did you mean: (more common spelling)?”.
Click the suggested spelling to launch a Google search for that term.
e.g. “Deudction”.

11. Dictionary Definitions Dictionary-Defnitions

To see a definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word “define” then a space, then the word(s) you want defined. To see a list of different definitions from various online sources, you can type “define:” followed by a word or phrase.
e.g. “define Philosophy

12. Synonym Search Synonym-Search

If you want to search not only for your search term but also for its synonyms, place the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of your search term.
e.g. “~fast food”.

13. Currency Conversion Currency-Conversion

To use Google’s built-in currency converter, simply enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box and Google will provide your answer directly on the results page.
e.g. “500 GBP in USD”.

14. Maps Maps

Looking for a map? Type in the name or zip code of a location and the word “map” and Google will return a map of that location. Clicking on the map will take you to a larger version on Google Maps.
e.g. “Seattle map”.

15. Flight Schedules Falcon-Flight-Schedules

To see flight schedules to or from a particular destination, type “flights from” or “flights to” followed by the city or airport of interest. You can also add another location with “to” or “from” and view the schedule for a specific route.
e.g. “flights from Denver to Chicago”.
Well, apart from this, there are a lot more features that Google offer.
Calculator, Earthquake, Local Search, Movie Showtimes, Health Conditions, Medications, Flu Vaccine Finder, Suicide Prevention, Poison Control, Flight Tracking, Related Search, Fill in the blank, Package Tracking etc.
I guess I’ve missed an important feature!! And that is nothing but the “File Type Search”.

* File Type Search File-Type-Search

The following examples searches only the matching keywords with in a mp3 format. In the same way, you can search for doc, ppt, pdf, mp4, exe and other file types.
After-all-this, If you are not able to remember some of the advanced search syntax mentioned in this article, then you can make use of the Google Advanced Search as shown below.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Some Other Tips – Tricks

site: Search only a certain site.
allintitle: Search for your keywords only in the titles.
intitle: Search some of your keywords in titles.
allintext: Only searches body text.
intext: Searches whole site, but gives more weight on the body text.
allinurl: Search all keywords in URL only.
inurl: Searches whole site, but gives more weight on the URL.
date: Limit a search to a recent time frame.
daterange: Limit search to any time frame.
index: Search for file indexes.
info: Looks for one specific URL in the Google database.
safesearch: Search without the inclusion of adult content.