Friday, September 30, 2011

Editing java applications

things required - 
Class By Méhar.jar
Class TranslatorByMehar.jar
Mini commander_by_mehar.jar
We need not havea PC to edit or translate Java applications. We can also edit in our mobile. Even inour Nokia s40. Here I will explain how, from very beginner. Please, ignore this if you already know JAR and ZIP Java applications have an extension.jar. JAR is a ZIP archive format. So an application which can unzip a Zipped file, can also unzip a Java application.Java applications usually contain classfiles with many other associated files. Ifwe can change or edit the class filesand other files, then we can change an application. As the java file system, we cannot edit files with extension .jar. So we must have the application with its Our Ucweb can do this. When you download an application through Ucweb, just rename it (e.g.-mini.jar to Now you can edit

play mobile apps in pc

SjBoy Special Edition ChingLish_2.0 (java emulator)
SjBoy isan emulator software that works on PC to run java application that is used to play in cellphone or mobile gadget. SjBoy is the most popular software among other emulator.I use SjBoy to run Mig33 java chatting application on my PC. It's fast and lite.I have no problem at all.Justinstall & run jar files directly. One of my favorite SjBoy features is its ability to capture the screen and its ability to change the resolution to suits with your need

-Here Is The Proof
-Running Opera Mini 4.2