Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Secret behind Hacking facebook Likes and Bank Accounts

Secret behind Hacking facebook Likes and Bank Accounts

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You may know about Phishing attack , from which hackers get access to your bank account. They just make you to give them access to your account without you know that they are doing so.

How can they hack like this?
Its a CSS+JS trap which they use to do such things., Any how I finally learned this technique, But sorry to say that I cannot show you or explain you how to hack a Bank account as it is not at all ethical to do.
But I am going to explain you by taking a simple Facebook like hacking technique which uses the similiar Trick(It is simple than that but almost the same).
You may have seen some unknown posts on your Facebook wall which tells you that you have liked a page/link/website.
This is done by using a simple coding called Facebook Viral! there are many synonyms for this , You can check on Google if you wanna know all of them.Hands on keyboard
This script uses a simple viral coding which brings the Facebook “Like Button” below the mouse cursor inside the webpage. Where ever you move the cursor, the like button follows it and will be below your mouse cursor within 30 milliseconds .  But the interesting thing here is that you can never see the like button below your mouse cursor!
so if you click on anything inside the webpage, it will just be virtual, the real thing is that you always click on that like button.!

This can be altered by altering the viral code and made changes as we need, and where the button must stop following your mouse cursor etc,
After 2 months of research I completely understood whats the secret behind this and I also learned the coding of this viral.
I want to show this to my readers about this. So I have designed two pages, from which you can check these virals.
Links : (copy paste them to new tab of your browser)
Virtual Page (Note: You will like the page on Facebook if you click anywhere inside the page.)
Real Page (I have made the like button visible , Just to show you how it works.)

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