Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Increase your Laptop and Mobile battery efficiency by 40 %

Increase your Laptop and Mobile battery efficiency by 40 %

save laptop battery efficiency
It is a common headache causing problem for all laptop users, Whether you are running a PC or even a Mac. Then the question is, “How will you manage to get the maximum battery life” from your laptop so that you need not charge it every time when you use it.
Here I try to explain about all major things which make your laptop battery drain and solutions for those problems.
It is always an extreme idea to turn off any feature which you are not using on your electronic device, it may be a phone, tab, pc. You may know this, and think that I am explaining about a silly thing. but its the main precaution you can take.
Bluetooth is the main sucker of all the time in your PC and Phone. So take care to get it off while you do not use it.Never use bluetooth keyboard and mouse unless it is too much necessary for your laptop.As far I know bluetooth is a notorious power hog. Also turn off Wifi Button.

Second important thing you need to do is to keep your pc or mobile display less brighter, and contrast. It is usually fantastic to see display at high brightness but it really sucks your battery a lot.Same apply for your phone.
Third thing is to play a Movie or songs only after copying them from your flash drive  or CD to hard disk of your system. Never watch movies or play songs directly from externally connected devices. It Not only drains battery, also hurts your processor.
The options you can use in Windows OS to save power are below :
Go to Start > Control panel > Power options
and turn on “Balanced” option from “High performance” as in the fig below
save battery
To see more options in this , and to customize further, Click on “Change plan settings” options.
increase battery life
If you really want to get more out of it you can go-monkey by clicking on “Change advanced power settings” option.
If you have any more Tricks please feel free to drop it in the comments section below. It may help us and our other visitors.

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