Monday, August 1, 2011

How To Fix a Corrupted Memory Card

How To Fix a Corrupted Memory Card
Hi Guys, Most of us face a common problem when we use memory cards that is nothing but corrupted memory!! error. so we usually try to fix it and it will not be possible all times. So we go and buy a new one. Before trying to buy a new one just follow some trouble shooting steps and in most of the cases it will be unsuccessful but some times it will be fixed. I have a personal experience of recovering a corrupted memory card of one of my friend and was successful :)
All you have to do is see whether you are able to see the memory card is detected by the systrem or not when we connect with the help of data cable via mobile or a simple card reader. IF it is detecting then do follow the simple steps below.

1) After connecting the mmc to system just check out which drive is holding the memory card and right click on the drive where your memory card is there and click on properties.
2) Now click on Format and when the pop up box appears just click on file system as FAT and memory cards support only FAT but not FAT32 or NTFS.
3) Now click on start but don’t check quick format. Just leave it blank.
4) Now check whether your memory card is working or not. If not then follow these few more steps.
5) Open RUN by pressing Ctrl+R and type CMD and then press enter.
6) Now if the memory card drive is L: then type L: and press enter.
7) Now type as format L: and press enter.
8) Its asks for conformation and asks to press y or n just type y and wait until it finishes.
9) This will create default clusters in mmc and Mostly this will fix the memory card.
10) Its also a good option to try to format the memory card in mobile itself.

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