Friday, March 11, 2011

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Education and The Arts 

Best Free Online E-learning Tool
  • KubbuKubbu, an e-learning tool designed for teachers to create quizzes, crosswords or games and make them available to students or groups, view and analyse the results, or even share activities with other teachers. It's limited to 30 students and 15 activities for a free account.
Best Free Online Lectures
  • Academic EarthAcademic Earth lets you watch up to 1,500 lectures, on everything from computer studies and psychology to medicine, architecture and entrepreneurship from respected educational institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale. (Review 1, Review 2)
Best Free Online Talks
  • TEDTED, talks at TED events, which usually last around 30 minutes, cover everything from technology to art to medicine to music. Almost all of the talks are online for you to watch at your leisure, free of charge. (Review)
Best Free Online English Learning Resources
  • PerfectyourenglishPerfectyourenglish, a comprehensive reference guide to English Grammar, Practical English usage, vocabulary, English writing and speaking. You can also test your knowledge of English language with interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • English PracticeEnglish Practice consists of many archived lessons for learning English—choose a category or type a key word to search for what you want, then browse through previews or read the full lessons.
Best Free Online Language Courses
  • FSI Language CoursesFSI Language Courses, select a foreign language (other than English) you want to learn from the courses with text and audio files freely available. The courses are developed by the Foreign Service Institute through the private efforts of individuals.
Best Free Online Art Museums
  • Art ProjectArt Project, explore over 1,000 artworks gathered from art museums around the world without needing to travel to each museum. All the artwork and galleries have been curated by individual museums who decide the galleries, artwork and information to include. (Review)
Best Free Online Typing Tutor
  • TypingWebTypingWeb, a place to learn, practice and improve your typing speed and accuracy on beginner to advanced and specialty courses. You can track your progress if you opt for registration which is free.
Best Free Online Flashcard
  • QuizletQuizlet, browse and use millions of flashcards created by teachers and students, or create your own, in various study modes including Familiarize, Learn, Test, Play Scatter, Play Space Race, Voice Scatter and Voice Race.
Best Free Online Printable Paper Generator
  • IncompetechIncompetech, do you ever buy lined paper, graph paper, music notation paper, or score sheets for popular games and sports? If so, how about printing your own? Check out this generator that allows for some fine adjustments before you print it. (Review)
Best Free Online Printable Coloring Page & Worksheet
  • Twisty NoodleTwisty Noodle has an extensive collection of printables designed to help kids learn about objects and improve handwriting. A bunch of material for use, the illustrations are very well done and cover coloring pages and handwriting worksheets. (Review)
  • KidopoKidopo "is very professionally implemented. The coloring application in particular is very well done and emulates closely the pencil and paper experience. There’s also an excellent collection of printables including stickers, connect-the-dots, birthday cards and much more." (Review)

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