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this post is on the topic Disk and File Tools.
Best Free Online Disk and File Tools
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Best Free Online Storage and Backup
  • Dropbox allows you to back up files and access them online, or share folders with several people to work together easily. Its desktop program is only needed for syncing files across computers. (Review)
  • Windows Live SkyDriveWindows Live SkyDrive offers an amazing 25 GB of online storage as part of the Microsoft Windows Live suite of services. It requires a Microsoft Live ID to sign in and begin using. (Review)
Best Free Online File Archiver / Zip Utility
  • ezyZipezyZip, add files to create a zip file, or unzip a file to a target folder in your computer, quick and easy. Uploading or downloading your files is not necessary as both zipping and unzipping run locally as a Java applet in your browser.
  • WebZiprWebZipr is powered by phpAce Web Zipper. You'd need to upload files to create a zip file for download to your computer, or upload a zip file from your computer to view and download the files inside it, allowing for a file size up to 2 MB.
Best Free Online File Format Converter
  • Free File ConverterFree File Converter supports conversion between a wide range of file formats including document, image, audio, video and compression formats. Upload a file, choose a conversion type and download the converted file to your computer. Check here for a full list of conversion types.
  • Media-ConvertMedia-Convert helps convert your files from one format to another up to a maximum file size of 200 MB. You can rename file and apply other advanced settings in response to the output format. See supported file formats.
  • Bender ConverterBender Converter, an easy-to-use online application to convert videos directly from YouTube and other services in 3 steps—choose a format to convert to, give a video page link, then click Convert and download the converted file you need.
Best Free Online eBook Converter
  • Ebook ConverterEbook Converter provided by online-ConVert supports a variety of input formats like PDF, ePub, mobi, HTML, LIT, LRF and more—choose the target format you need for your eBook reader and start converting.
Best Free Online File Encryption Utility
  • File EncryptorFile Encryptor allows you to encrypt or decrypt a file online upto a maximum file size of 20MB. The encrypted file is saved with the extension of .FE3.
Best Free Online Desktop and GUI
Best Free Online Web Desktop
  • GlideGlide "looks to be the best developed to date, with 30GB free online storage and a selection of basic applications such as simple word processor, presentations, image editor, website creator, collaboration, file sharing and more."
Best Free Online Desktop Wallpaper Tool
  • Desktop Wallpaper ToolDesktop Wallpaper Tool allows you to quickly create desktop wallpapers auto-adapted to your screen resolution by cropping or scaling images from your collection or from Art Galleries, with supports for modern HTML5 capabilities.
Best Free Online Screen Session Recorder
  • AudioBox.fmScreenToaster records your screen session in full desktop or fixed rectangular area with audio input from a microphone or auxiliary device, then upload to ScreenToaster, YouTube, or save it in mov or swf format.
Best Free Online Icon Converter
  • iConvertiConvert converts an image into an icon for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux in one step, or converts Windows icons to Mac OS X icons, svg icons to Windows icons, png icons to Mac OS X icons and so on.
Best Free Online Font Tools
  • FFontsFFonts, a useful resource to search for new or top fonts by category, download and unzip them for installing and adding more fonts to your system.
  • IdentifontIdentifont, "one of the best resources on the internet for identifying fonts and typefaces—just answer a handful of questions about the appearance of certain characters, and the site will tell you the name of the font." (Review)
  • FontStructFontStruct, create your own True-Type fonts with a graphic tool in a grid base and save them, or search by tag for the fonts built by others and download them to your computer easily. (Review)
  • FreeFontConverterFreeFontConverter, a handy tool to convert fonts between ttf, otf, pfa, pfb, ttc, svg, pt3, sfd, otb, t42, cef, cff, gsf, ik, mf, dfont, bin, suit and bdf for their suitable uses in Windows, Mac and Linux.
Best Free Online Security and Privacy
Best Free Online Anti-malware
  • VirustotalVirustotal, an online independent service to analyse suspicious files and detect viruses, worms, trojans and other malware by multiple antivirus engines. Detailed results from each antivirus engine are listed after it has scanned the file uploaded.
  • AnubisAnubis, a service for analyzing malware. Submit your Windows executable file and receive an analysis report about what it does, or submit a suspicious URL to find out the activities of the Internet Explorer process when visiting that URL. For analyzing Javascript, Flash and PDF files, try Wepawet.
Best Free Online Internet Safety
  • WOTWOT (Web of Trust) "provides fastest ratings, uses green / yellow / red ratings and 'people' reliability icons, multiple rating categories to help you evaluate websites, fantastic warning screen to empower users to avoid potentially bad websites before interacting with them." (Review)
  • Online Link ScanOnline Link Scan helps you scan links for harmful threats such as viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware. It also shows you the host IP, any threat name and the overall result if the site is secure.
  • OpenDNSOpenDNS, "a web based service that in conjunction with your own system's network configuration redirects all your browsing through OpenDNS servers where it is filtered for content." (Review)
Best Free Online Private Note
  • PrivnotePrivnote allows you to write a confidential note and send a link to someone for reading it. The note is destroyed after reading once, no more worrying about your message being forwarded to and read by others.
Best Free Online Disposable Email Address
  • GishPuppyGishPuppy, with a bookmarklet Gish It!, helps register an email address used for forwarding emails to your normal email account to avoid spams. When you decide not to receive any further emails to this address, just cancel it.
  • spamgourmetSpamgourmet forwards only a limited number of mails to your protected email address and eats the rest. Just register your username and protected email address, then give out any disposable email addresses in this form Adding trusted senders and more settings are available.
Best Free Online Email Address Converter
  • ScrimScrim converts your email address into a short and safe link (for instance so that you can share it on the web to avoid spam robots and get less spam.
Best Free Online URL Expander (see also URL Shortener)
  • URL X-ray examines a shortened URL you gave and finds out where it leads to before you actually click on it. It helps surfing the net more safely. (See more choices in this Review)

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