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internet sites to explore 3

this is the third part of the series internet sites to explore.
in the first two parts i wrote about the sites for free online backup and free calling respectively.
you can find them at

so let' start.
in this part i'm going to tell you sites for free text messaging

Short messaging service, popularly known as SMS is the quickest way to deliver your message. Despite of its usefulness, the mobile service providers are less interested in decreasing the cost of sending an SMS, instead they are reducing cost of voice calls (which is essential too!). Keeping the high costs of sms’s in mind
as well as the requirements of people with no access to their mobile phone (in offices, etc), i have compiled a list of sites with which you can send free sms to almost all the countries around the world. Before you read on about free sms sites, please keep in mind that the sites allowing you to send free sms are based on advertising model i.e they may or may not attach an AD with your message. And DONT use these services in case of emergencies. So, here goes the list:

1. Yakedi

First of all Yakedi is available only for the residents of australia. So, if you are not an Australian then skip this one and read about the next site. Yakedi is the best site to send SMS to Australian and New Zealand users. It provides fast delivery of messages and has a user friendly interface.

2. Gizmosms

Gizmo is known for its voip calling. Not many know that it also provides free sms’ing. What i liked about GizmoSMS is that you can send free sms to any number worldwide without even signing up for the service (Though you’ll get only 80 characters).

3. Sendsmsnow

It is also an ad based free service which requires users to sign up at the website before sending free SMS to (individual) mobile numbers worldwide. Other than providing free sms’es, it also provides the feature of organizing phonebooks, groups and replies.

4. Wadja

Wadja is yet another online free SMS service provider which lets its users to send 80 character SMS to almost anywhere in world (200 countries). What i like most about wadja is its delivery speed when sending international messages and its mobile portal, which really comes in handy.

5. Google sms channel

Google sms channel is more of a sharing service than a sms service. You need to create a sms channel and all those who are subscribed to that channel will receive the sms i.e you can send them free sms (and not to anyone else). It is a great way to share jokes, etc with friends.

6. Way2SMS

Way2sms is probably the only service that allows its user to send a sms of upto 140 Characters for free to any mobile number in India. Moreover, you can check status of your sent messages and save mobile numbers in it’s inbuilt address book. All these facilities are covered by displaying lots (and i mean LOTS) of advertisement on their web portal which makes it tacky. But nevertheless, its a free sms service.

7. 160by2

This is one of my favourite site for sending free sms to any mobile in india. Similar to other free sms providers, it also runs on ads attached to sms. But the best part is ads are most of time relevant (and sometimes useful too!). Other than that, the site also provides an inbuilt address book, ready made sms for different occasions and a java application for mobile phone’s.


Using SMS7 you can send free SMS upto 440 Characters to any GSM/CDMA Mobile Number in India. You can also scheduled SMS. What catches the eye is fast delivery of sms along with accurate delivery reports.

9. Atrochatro

It is a free sms sending service which doesn’t require registration for the same (number of sms are limited for unregistered users). I have used this service for a while and didn’t find its delivery time and sometimes the messages weren’t delivered at all.

10. IndyaRocks

It is a social networking website and free sms is just one small feature it provides to its registered members all over the world. One unique service provided by this website is that of Group SMS service, you can send a SMS to all your friends at the same time with just a click.

11. Text4Free

It is a free SMS & MMS Sending service, featuring tools to add free sms sending to myspace, SMS sending to over 100 countries all over the world.


Besides the one’s mentioned above, there are a number of sites that provide free sms. However, the ones mentioned here are tried and tested sites. I am also listing down some of the other sites that i have heard of (good reviews) but haven’t tested them:





Recommended Sites:

Though i am not a sms addict and rarely use sms for interaction. However, from my experience of using the free sms sites, i recommend the following:
Wadja (for international users)
160by2 (for users in India)
Way2sms (for Indian users)
I hope you find at least one site which suits your needs. If you know of any other site worth mentioning, then do let us know via comments section.

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