Thursday, January 20, 2011

increase ram of your computer for free

 We've shown you how Windows Vista's ReadyBoost feature will let you use a USB drive like this as extra cache memory to make your computer faster. Well there's a way to do the same trick in Windows XP. Thanks to Shawn in Quebec for sending along the tip.

First insert a flash drive

Open up the Control Panel.

Go to "System."

Choose the advanced Tab.

In the Performances section, click on "Settings."

Choose the advanced tab there.

In the "Virtual Memory" Section, press "Change."

Select the letter corresponding to your flash drive. (Hint: It's not C.) You can let the system manage the size or customize the amount of space that you want used as virtual memory. I'm not going to use this flash drive for anything else, so I'll let the system manage it.

Make sure to Press Set once you've made your choice.

Press OK, and the changes will take effect.

Then restart your computer.

And now you have a little extra memory at no additional cost.


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