Friday, October 16, 2015

[QUORA]Ditch photo editors with the following tips on taking a good picture

  1. Before pushing that button, freeze into position, and take your eyes for a walk around the margins of the image in the viewfinder. That will help you re-calibrate in case someone's arm was out of the picture, or the head of that cool statue. We tend to focus on the center of our subject, forgetting about the rest of the image.

Ebay promo - Get Rs.100 off on Rs.300 and Rs.200 off on Rs.500 purchase!!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

[cricket]Blue Print for a Test Cricket Championship.

As we know ICC nixed the plan of holding a test cricket championship every 4 years. But what if we had a chance to bring it back. How would tournament span out? How would teams Qualify? How many matches? Many such questions would have to be answered. But before moving on to answering them we would have to re-evaluate the general condition of test cricket.

Overhauling test cricket
As of now, 10 nations including the top 8 as well as Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are allowed to play test internationals. But to make Test cricket more interesting, IMO, this system should be replaced by a 2-tier system.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

HackerTyper - fool your friends and show your skills

You all might have seen in many a movies how a hacker is shown as pressing a lot of keys in a few seconds generating a long code and hacking into some cool stuff. You might have also dreamt of doing something like that and impressing your friends.

Well,we are here to help. This website would help you in coming off as a cool and deadly hacker of some sort who can crack passwords within seconds.

[QUORA]Why we should live even if no one cares about us?

These days I'm also going through a similar phase in my life. My circumstances are worse to an extent that even if I die today nobody will care. My death won't matter to even a single person in this entire universe. To the people I know my death will be like just another event.

So what if nobody cares. Should you stop living just for the fact that nobody cares?

The answer is "No" you should not stop living your life for any reason in this world.

Now lets come to why?
Just for these simple reasons:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Whatsapp in PC - ditch whatsapp PC client like bluestacks by using this method

There is no longer need for emulators in order to use WhatsApp on your PC. This application depends on your phone in order for it to work effectively. In this line, there are some limitations that have seen Apple’s iOS users fall out of this update with what WhatsApp notes as platform limitations from Apple.
Furthermore, this application will only work with Google Chrome web browser, a move that WhatsApp claims is based on the fact that this web browser has the best push notifications system. Using your Chrome browser, go to

[wwe]How to Book John Cena's loss of US title.

As we know John Cena is taking a much deserved break after WWE Hell in a Cell for the better part of the remaining year, the inevitable question is how, when and to whom John Cena should drop the US championship belt?

As much as I would like to see WWE finally giving Cody Rhodes his due(the guy has been the most under utilized performer for quite some time) and making him the US champ, I can’t see Cody dropping his current Stardust persona in the near future.

Another option is Dolph Ziggler. As much as I would love to see Ziggler v Cena, I don’t think he would bring anything fresh to the table because his babyface character is as similar to John Cena’s as it can get.

Some may suggest Cesaro but the current booking of Cesaro does not do him any favours.

So, my pick would be someone